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Update From Me :) {finally lol}   
07:18pm 09/05/2005
  I've been neglecting livejournal, i've been on myspace too much.

Not good :/

What's been up with me?
Let's see - nm - just work.
But soon the fun begins - although it is fun everyday being with Cosimo - I Love Him :)

May 21 - I'm going to see Kelly Clarkson at Central Park with my friend Heather
May 25 - My 21st Birthday!
Sometime In June - I'm gonna go to Atlantic City (hopefully i'll win some money for my upcoming events!)
June 10 - Hanson concert in NJ
June 17 - I have a wedding to go to.
July 14-16 - I'll be in Toronto with Eric (for avril!)
August 19-21 - I'll be in Tampa with Cosimo (for avril!)
August 24 - I'm daying a day off to prepare for my 5 days of Avril!
August 25 - Avril at PNC Bank in NJ
August 26 - Avril at GMA
August 27 - Avril at Jones Beach
August 28 - Avril at Saratoga, NY
August 29 - Avril in Boston
August 30 - taking a day off from work to recover from all the fun :)

Yeah, i'm a lil busy - but I can't wait!!!

Hope ya'll doing well!
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Full House - Posted In MySpace Too :)   
08:15pm 22/02/2005
  I finally got the Full House Season 1 DVD
After getting to stores too late cause they always got sold out - I finally got one!!!

They have the original pilot on this DVD - meaning no Bob Saget - some other guy as Danny!

Good thing they got rid of him - cause he really needed to go!
They had an extended theme song - all good
So glad I got the DVD and I'm especially glad they got rid of the original Danny.

I love Full House!
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This is a complaining entry..   
08:00am 18/02/2005
  If you don't like to hear me complain - don't read this.

I'm sooooo f*ing pissed off.
Work sux
I can't take it I really can't
Doing 3 other people's jobs at once and one of which isn't even yours and trying to get you're work done just doesn't happen
And I gotta deal with people complaing "do this, why didn't you do that" yadda yadda yadda


Now i'm finally off on Monday
and for the past 4 mondays cosimo has been off - but you know what? this monday when I'm off he's not off!!
plus he's working today so i dont' get to see him at all!
then i get to see him for a couple hours on saturday
i do see him on sunday but not all day cause he's tired.
then not monday

what f*ing bull!!!

I know he has a new job and he has no say about stuff yet but come on!!! this can't be
when i finally get time wit him to do stuff - i dont!!!
i could just cry

Why - just damn why?
I have such a horrible week at work and all i want is time with him to be happy cause on the weekdays i'm not happy but i can't get that either


and i barely see the friends i do have
and most i barely kept in touch with which sux and i regret that.

Just things are NOT the way i'd like then to be - not even a lil bit

Just why?
Just f*ing why???
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10:02pm 21/01/2005
mood: depressed
I'm sitting here FREEZING in my house, cleaning
Yes I'm cleaning

I'm throwing away video tapes that I do wanna keep but I know I won't wwatch them again.

MMC, Britney, NSYNC, O-Town - so sad.
What happened?
So much happier times, I miss those times.

I miss O-Town and LMNT
I miss the friends I saw and talked to so much when they were around.
I sux for not keeping in touch as much with them as I wish.
Stupid me.

As I watch these tapes it's so sad, I wanna throw them out and I don't but I have to.
I'm cleaning alot, cause i wanna buy stuff :P
If you buy stuff you need a place to put it.

I can't find O-Town on Maury when they sang All Or Nothing - NOT GOOD.
I need to find it, that's the day I first met Dan, so yeah, I need that tape.

Do you know what I'm throwing away next? My 1500+ pics of Dan Miller I bought from people. I have nothing else to do with them
So I'll throw them out
So much money I'm throwing away
It's amazing how much money we really send them years later we don't need it any more so it's like all that money was wasted but at the time, it was sooo worth it.

Life is weird.

On that note - good night!
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Happy New Year~   
01:10am 01/01/2005
  Hey Everyone! Happy New Year!
Hope you all had a good one.

The year is starting off a lil interesting - I wonder how things will play out.

I got a myspace account - yepp I did.

If any of you have myspace - whether or not I knowyou do - add me cause I have NO idea how to add friends :P
And if any of you understand myspace - please help me!!! lol

My link is:

Good Night All!
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Me and My Baby With Santa and HAPPY NEWS   
12:47am 08/12/2004
mood: ecstatic
This is Me and Cosimo from like 2 weeks ago.
We went to the mall to have our pic taken with Santa.

Cosimo looks so cute - I look gross!

Cosimo is sick right now though - he has phnemonia (sp?)
I hope he gets better soon :(

Now on to happy news:

On December 16, 2004, despite me being out for like 8 days from work cause I was very sick, I went to go see Avril. :)
I first went to regis and kelly - Got inside with standby.
Then, thanks to Eric (x2) me, eric, his friend trish and my friend heather got tickets to go into Fuse's show Daily Download to see Avril and we had no idea what to expect. My friend Mike already had a ticket to the show.
It turned out to be the BEST experience ever. If you watched the show - you see my alot - embarassing but I don't care :)
Avril performed an acoustic version of Nobody's Home and then went on to a nice interview. Fans got to ask her questions but I didn't want to cause I'm too shy to do that. But Eric did (on camera) and he asked "do you reconigze fans you see over and over at shows. And Avril's response was "oh yeah, like I remember you" and points to my friend Mike!!! then Avril says "and you" and points to my friend Heather!!! and THEN! Avril says "and you!" and points to me!!! I died! I was so happy. I really did NOT think she remembered me and now I know she does and I'm sooo happy! (Thanks Eric!!!)
Avril talked to us during breaks but I'm an idiot and did not say 1 word! I might of said a word and nodded but that's it :(
I'm dumb, but my voice sounded like crap too
Stupid me

After that - us 5 excited and happy ones went off to see Avril pre-tape her new years eve performance. It was great but cold. We had 2nd row, Eric managed to push to front.

It was such an awesome day! Def. worth skipping work! :)
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Messed Up...   
09:56am 28/11/2004
  Some people forget who their friends are, what's important in life and how to be nice when they get what THEY WANT.

Thank you for showing me that best friends can NOT be trusted.
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So Not Fair...   
07:26am 27/11/2004
  First I get too sick to do GA at the Avril Concert In Philly on Halloween.
Now I'm sick again, but worse
I've been in bed for the last 5/6 days and I don't expect to get better soon but I'm supposed to go to work on Monday!!!

I have a terrible infection in my body that is still growing and spreading even though i'm on 5 days of antibiotics :(
I'm in so much pain
So bored
So stiff

This is so sux
There's nothing else I can do either
I finally got the energy to keep my laptop on my lap so I'm writing in here cause I got nothing better to do (not like anyone will read this or care)

I just don't get
Why me?
I had so much planned for December but since I'm missing so much work, I cant do anything!!!
I was supposed to have 5 days vacation
2 days to see Avril (which are NOT gonna happen) and 2 days to spend with cosimo on his bday (which ain't happening either)

What did I do so wrong?
I dont understand
I really don't
Why me????

I just wanna get better, and have fun.
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It's Something...   
04:23pm 06/11/2004
mood: blah
I was REALLY upset in September whem my pics (cause we tried twice) with Avril didn't come out (i'm still a lil upset)
But a couple days ago, a guy who was at letterman also, sent me pics he took of Avril while I was gettin my pic with her - So I'm happy I got something :)

Here they are:

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Picture Update   
04:49pm 29/09/2004
mood: sick
Yeah, I havn't updated in MADD long - so to tell you all what I've been up to - I'll update in pictures :)

Cosimo got a new kitten
His dad found her crying and took him 2 days to catch her - her name is Princess
See Princess:

This is princess with cosimo (she loves cosimo)

Ok people - YOU ARE NOT SEEING THINGS - This is me, holding Princess

This is Princess now, over a month later - I don't hold her much any more, she's biter!! Damn her lol

Then in September I went to see avril at a couple events, I do NOT wanna talk about it much - some stuff happened I'm NOT happy about but it was fun - and it was sad cause it was evans last times with Avril :(
I made him a gift and he loved it! He said it made his day
Oh and, I was able to get a pic with Avril at letterman - and it didnt' come out!!!
I'm pissed - Here is a pic of Me and Evan at the View (dont' make fun of my hair, I know it's gross)

Last Saturday Cosimo and I went to Natick, MA to the Degrassi Mall Tour Signing - 2 Cast Members From Degrassi were there - Mike (Jay) and Deanna (Alex) they were REAL nice
Here is cosimo and me with mike and deanna

Well that's all for now
Oh and WORK SUX!!!
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10:55am 06/07/2004
  I've been watching Degrassi for almost 2 years, I can't believe how popular it got!

The whole world like watches it now!
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01:53am 21/06/2004
  I should be in Canada right now but I'm not
I should be going to MN next week but i'm not
I should be going to CA this week but I'm not


Cause I got a job PLUS I can't travel until July
Because the doctors said so

I was in the emergency room the other day I have something wrong with my overy and since they are too lazy to fix it themselves and are just making it go away by itself I cant' go anywhere or do anything until July (hopefully)

It sux
Cause I'm still upset about the last time Avril was here, and no one seems to care but 2 people.
And now I can't see avril or jonas or bryan

Yeah I'm very upset
I need some happiness right now
Cosimo does make me happy but it's not the same as the other happiness because of me being so jealous of others

So yea life sux and dont' sux but does does especially since I got a full time job now

I hope everyone else is doing MUCH BETTER!
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So Weird...   
01:51am 02/06/2004
  I never thought this day could happen, but I'm glad it happened no sooner.

As most of you know - I went to a 14 month program at Drake Business School, a school that's been around for over 130 years.
Last Friday, May 28, I officially completed my program and graduated, but the ceremony wasn't going to be until June 14.

Today, Drake announced it's closing for good tomorrow.

When I found out I was like WOW but I wondered about graduation, my diploma and my cap and gown.
So I went to Drake today.
Wow - EMPTY!
Everything is gone already - the place was empty!
The only person in there was the dean and a few students.
The dean, who has been there for 24 years was in tears.
It was so sad.
I couldn't believe that place already.

So this is what I find out when I get there.
No graduation ceremony
I got my diploma
my $15 cap and gown money back
and my transcript

So I'm completely finished with that school and that school is just completely finished
I never thought i'd feel this way, but it's sad.
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Avril Avril Avril   
07:42am 29/05/2004
mood: disappointed
Yea, I got to see Avril and I've seen her now a total of....
30 TIMES :)

I got to see her 4 times this past weekend but really didn't get to meet her but the signing I went to
I wish I coulda got to meet her like talk to her but I kept missing her
Like I missed her EVERYTIME!!!

1) I left internship early to go down to the signing early, my friend calls me to tell me Avril didn't leave the today show yet, so I rush there to find out I miss her by 7 minutes

2)After the signing, I decide to go to Times Square to get my Webster Hall tickets then see Avril go out, cause there shoulda been enough time for that - but NOOOO, she left early.

3) While I was waiting inline at webster hall to see avril perform, I coulda met her at Letterman

4) After Webster Hall, it was pouring so I left, DAMN RAIN - if I woulda stayed, I woulda met her.

5) While waiting online for the BOGUS Cosmogirl Party - I coulda met her like 2345253 times at TRL

Yea, So I'm a lil upset, ok a lot upset but I have some things to make me happy.

1) Front row at Webster Hall show
2) Cosimo coming with me to see Avril at Regis and Cosmogirl party and he did soooo much to try to make me happy (taking awesome pics and getting 3 autographs)
3) I did get to see Avril on my birthday and get to see lots of my friends
4) At least I did get to see her

Tomorrow is Summer Jam - Avril and Hanson WOW

So Internship is OVER
But they want to offer me a job, so I have to call them on Tuesday and then I have a message on my machine from another lawer near cosimos house who wants to hire me - who ever offers me more money - I'll take :)

I don't want a job, cause now I can't go on the road trip with Dori, Sara and Steph and I can't see Avril in CA
But no matter what - I'm SOOO going to Canada in June if Avril does the MMVA Awards

Speaking of Canada - Avril did 2 shows there last night (tv shows) some people I know got to go - LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY
And Lou - SUPER LUCKY!!!!
But I'm happy for them!
Seeing Avril is always sooo fun!
It's a must!!!

Well that's all - I'm out!

Edit: Go look at my pictures if ya want!
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Here We Go Again...   
11:46am 27/03/2004
  Another update from me - I know, I know - I don't do these often anymore

What have I been up to?
Let's see

I started internship at a law firm in manhattan, it's alright, right now it's boring but hopefully i'll get more work to do.

Before I started internshipship I got to see Hanson and Avril 3 times :)

Seeing Hanson was cool - I got to see Dori and Sara - YAY
Havn't seen them in so long - Cosimo took me - he had fun!.

I got to see avril in toronto at her mall show and private show
And thanks to victoria i got to go
I was so glad to see her again
And I got to see Lou too!!!

But April and Jay - I didn't see you guys :(
That suxed

Avril was great (as always) def. an awesome time.

Then Cosimo took me to see Avril in NJ
He really enjoyed that - I got to see a lot of my friends - def. LOTS AND LOTS of fun.

Right now I'm in pain, damn wisdom tooth - damn thing - hurts - i might have to get it pulled - NOT FUN

Well that's all from me, I'll try to update more often but I dunno when I can cause i'm barely home and always with cosimo

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I'm Alive lol   
12:59pm 21/02/2004
  I don't write in here much at all anymore
Too busy :P

School and being sick sux!
Still sick but I'm better than before (if anyone cares)

Valentines Day was nice, even tho I was sick still, Cosimo bought me too much but I love it all!
He got me a pretty heart necklace with my birthstone in it, a big dog bear, a lot of roses, and a basket thing with a teddy bear in it

He's awesome!
He's taking me to see Hanson in NJ and Britney in NJ too - he's too great - how did I get him???
All my luck went into getting him - and it was worth it :)

Avril's new single"Don't Tell Me" (which was co-written by her and evan taubenfeld!!) will be on the radio!

Monday it will be streamed on AOL - ya'll better listen to it!!!

School - i'm still there - boooo
March 18 I go on internship
Out of that school and away from those immature people

Ok, enough from me - hope ya'll doing good!!!
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How Ya'll Been??   
09:47am 28/01/2004
  I've been missing in action lately lol

I've been out mostly with Cosimo - he's awesome :)
Enough said :)

Yea, So I'm mad - Simple Plan tickets for Roseland are SOLD OUT - DAMMIT! Me and Cosimo wanted to go too :(

In happier news - two clips for two new avril songs have been released!!
And they ROCK!
"Daydream" and "Don't Tell Me"

Go to promosquad.com to hear them!
And PLEASE vote for "Don't Tell Me" especially because it would mean A LOT to Evan.
I heard from him the past two days and he told me he co-wrote and sang backup in the song and that to spread the word cause it would mean a lot if people voted for that song
So please do it for Evan

What else is going on in my life? - Nothing much else
Goin through Avril withdrawls (hearin from evan does help it tho but not really)

Oh you know what sux BIG TIME!
This snow - cause now I can't see Cosimo today - snow should go to hell lol

Ok - enough from me!
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XMas Update   
04:43pm 26/12/2003
  Christmas was awesome for me!!!
I got great gifts :)
Money - need that!
$100 Hilary Duff debit card
Cool shirt

Cosimo got me:
4 Gamecube games
4 Mary-Kate and Ashley Dolls

He's so crazy!!!But I love him!

Then today I got a present from Victoria in the mail!!
She's more crazy lol
But she really does rock!!
She got me a dvd/vcr and the Mary-Kate and Ashley "The Challenge" DVD!!!

That was awesome of her!

Last night Cosimo came to my house a bit and then I went to his - his parents got me a present (they sooo didn't have to) it was a cool blue, white and pink shirt
Very nice of them

So xmas is good

Tuesday is Cosimos bday
I told him we are gonna do and go whereever he wants and i'm gonna pay for everything
So he told me He wants to meet Hilary Duff,Simple Plan and Clay Aiken (that's a LIE cause he's only saying that cause I wanted to do that on his bday but i'm not ne more) and then he told me we are gonna go to McDonalds for the $1 menu
He's so silly
He's gonna kill me when he sees what I got him for his bday :P

Well that's enough from me
Hope all you're holidays rocked!!!
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08:15am 14/12/2003
  Here are some pictures of me and my boyfriend Cosimo

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Where Have I Been?   
06:07am 05/12/2003
  I havn't wrote in my LJ for about 2 weeks now - I've been out A LOT.
Where have I been?
With my boyfriend Cosimo.
I think I havn't seen him maybe 3 days of the 2 weeks we've been dating - yea, we are not good at not seeing eachother lol
He's a great guy - time goes madd fast when i'm with him, which SUX

I got to see him a lot today - YAY

He picks me up everyday to take me to school (i won't let him pick me up on Tuesdays though cause it's his day off and i want him to sleep)

Nothing else has really been going on - :(
I got a mid-term today - i'm gonna fail, I studied for like 4 mins LOL
I'm bright lol
OMG I got my report card - how did I get a B in Internet Research????
Shoulda got an A
Oh well - I got A's in Insurance Procedures and Microsoft Access

Ok Well I Have To Get Ready For School
Yesterday in school, I typed 116 words in a minute with no errors
I still can't believe I did that
Just thought I'd share :)

She better win this year!!!
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